Yogi Ramsuratkumar

The scholarly contributions of Prof Vally are presented below, each of which has been published in journals renowned for their high impact factor and included in esteemed indexing databases such as Scopus or the Web of Science (WoS). These publications exhibits Professor Vally's significant addition to the existing body of knowledge and offer valuable insights for policy-making processes. For detailed access to each manuscript, it is advised to click on the corresponding images, which will redirect to the publisher's portal. It is important to acknowledge that the copyright of these manuscripts is held by the respective publishers.


IIoT Digital Forensics and Major Security issues

Doctoral Viva Defense Through Virtual Mechanism

Secure Digital Forensic Process

Sustainable Rural Development

Customer's revisit intention: Empirical evidence on Gen-Z

Road to Economic Growth

Role of Big Data Analytics in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Technology & Entrepreneurial Marketing Decisions during Covid-19

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International commercial Banking industry

Entrepreneurial Intention for Home-based Start ups

Smart Contract Technology in Blockchain in Iraq

Employee Turnover Intention through Human Resource Management Practices

a man in a suit and tie is holding a sign that says quit quita man in a suit and tie is holding a sign that says quit quit

IoT based Secure Digital Forensic Process according to Process Management

a man in a suit and tie is holding a sign that says quit quita man in a suit and tie is holding a sign that says quit quit

China's International Film Festivals Based on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in the Management of Mass Media

Effectiveness of mobile phone users based on aging issue

Glass Ceiling in Higher Education System

Organizational Performance in Judicial institutions in UAE

Online Purchase in Saudi Arabia

Transformative Marketing: How to be a market leader

Leadership styles to escalate Performance

OTT Services to Telecom Companies in Pakistan

Demographic Factors bringing

Behavioral Factors that Cause Student Academic Fraud

Female Administrative Policies for Glass Ceiling

Employee Re tension in Pharmaceutical Industry

Framework assimilation in supply chain management

Customer's Revisit intentions

Big Data Analytics in One-Belt-One road in china

Implementing Flexible Systems in Doctoral Viva Defense Through Virtual Mechanism

Technology and Entrepreneurial Marketing

Commercial Banking Industry in Malaysia